Criminal Law

Being investigated for, or charged with a criminal offense, is without a doubt one of the most stressful and scary things that someone may have to go through.  Our attorneys have extensive experience in handling every phase of a criminal matter in both State and Federal Courts.

There is much more involved in a criminal matter than the actual trial of an indictment returned against someone.  An attorney has an obligation to attempt to avoid not only a charge being filed against his or her client, but when a charge is filed, to avoid, if possible, an indictment being returned.  Our attorneys have substantial experience in dealing with not only law enforcement but also with members of the various prosecutors’ offices.  A resolution of a criminal charge before indictment is always preferred.

If an indictment is returned, we have extensive experience in the investigation, preparation and trial of indictable matters.  The head of our Criminal Practice Department is a Certified Criminal Trial Attorney with more than forty years trial experience.  He has literally tried hundreds of indictable criminal matters in both the State and Federal Courts.

To the extent one who is suspected of or charged with a criminal offense can feel confident in the outcome of the matter, our Firm offers that confidence through our experience and expertise.

All Indictable Criminal Matters in State and Federal Court, Grand Jury Investigations, Criminal Appeals in State and Federal Courts, Bail Applications, Motions for Reduction of Sentences and Applications for Post-Conviction Relief.