Municipal Court

Municipal Court in the State of New Jersey is often called the “People’s Court” because it is the court with which most people come in contact.  Many people, however, make the mistake of not being represented when they go to Municipal Court.  This can be a serious mistake.

Although municipal court offenses often seem minor, they can result in substantial fines, loss of a driver’s license, motor vehicle points and even jail in some cases.  Because of these penalties, you should always consult with an Attorney before going to Municipal Court alone and before pleading guilty.

Our attorneys are experienced in handling all types of Municipal Court cases.  We will investigate your case and will explain your rights to you.  In some cases we may be able to negotiate with the prosecutor to downgrade to a lesser violation with a lesser penalty.  Even if you ultimately must plead guilty or are found guilty after trial, we will be there to argue on your behalf with respect to the fines and penalties you may incur.
We can also successfully you trough the several paths that currently exist as alternatives to jail, probation and license suspension.

Our attorneys are also experienced in dealing with the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (formerly the DMV), and have been successful in helping clients avoid and/or minimize driver’s license suspensions resulting from serious traffic violations.

Traffic Tickets, DWI Offenses, Disorderly Persons offenses, Minor Crimes, Municipal Ordinance Violations and all other matters heard in Municipal Court.